Screening of vaccine precursors

  • Thanks to our protein copies, we are able to identify relevant vaccine precursors within a few days.
  • The DNA of a pathogen (e.g. influenza virus) is copied in order to produce a DNA chip with gene sequences of the pathogen.
  • This DNA chip serves as the basis for the production of protein microarrays.
  • Each spot of the resulting protein microarrays contains a different peptide of the pathogen.
  • In addition, only one blood sample is required from a person who has survived the disease and has therefore produced antibodies against the pathogen.
  • The protein copy and the blood sample are subsequently used in a high-throughput SCORE screening.
  • Pathogenic peptides on the microarray surface, which are bound by pathogen-specific antibodies from the blood during the screening, represent promising vaccine precursors.
  • Information about these precursors are passed on to interested vaccine-producing companies.
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  • Biomolecular binding events are analysed in microarray format using our SCORE technology.
  • Single color reflectometry (SCORE) enables label-free, high-throughput screenings, analyses of biomolecular interactions, and the reliable determination of kinetic binding parameters.
  • Customised microarrays with more than 1,000 DNA, RNA or protein species on the surface can be measured with less than 10 μg target molecules within one day.

Aptamer screening

  • With our copy technology we can easily realize aptamer screenings.
  • Aptamers are small, single-stranded DNA or RNA molecules which, due to their structural compatibility, have the ability to bind target molecules with high specificity and affinity.
  • Possible targets are, for instance, proteins or toxins.
  • The copied aptamer arrays can directly be tested for their binding properties to the given target molecule using our high-throughput screening technology.
  • The system provides information on the binding kinetics of each aptamer cadidate.
  • In this way, the identification of the best aptamer candidates from large aptamer libraries can be performed 10x faster and much more reliably than with conventional methods.
  • Customers can carry out their own selection methods; we screen for the best aptamer candidates and transfer this information back to the customers within one week.

Phage display candidate screening

  • The phage display technique can be used for peptide and protein engineering or antibody generation.
  • Using our protein-copying technique in combination with the SCORE technology enables high throughput screening of phage display libraries to quickly identify the best performing peptide candidates.
  • Customers deliver pre-selected phage display libraries; we screen for the best candidates and transfer this information back to the customers within a week.