Jan 15

Acquisition of Biametrics GmbH

In mid-January 2020, BioCopy Holding AG was able to acquire the entire assets and patent portfolio of Biametrics GmbH. We have been working together with Biametrics GmbH for more than 10 years. The Technology has been licensed in the past for BioCopy applications. With the acquisition, BioCopy is thus expanding its patent portfolio from 7 to 12 patents. BioCopy now holds all detection applications and the complete technology portfolio of Biametrics GmbH. This makes BioCopy independent of detection licenses and will also expand our customer base. Currently, discussions are taking place with Biametrics’ partners and customers. Of particular interest here are Nimble-Therapeutics (Madison, USA) for synthetic arrays and partners with T-cell assays. T-cells also play an important role in vaccines and are therefore also of great interest for BioCopy.