November 2015

Startinsland, Freiburg
Green Economy Award for BioCopy

July 2015

RSC Emerging Technologies, London
The BioCopy concepts “AptaSWIFT” and “immune2day” are within the TOP 10 of Health technologies

July 2015

Startinsland, Freiburg
Best Concept Award and Green Economy Award for BioCopy Link

June 2015

ElevatorPitch, Stuttgart
1st Prize in BW for the BioCopy concept “immune2day” -> Link

May 2015

Black Forest Venture Day, Freiburg
1st Prize for Biocopy (“AptaSWIFT” and “immune2day”) -> Link

May 2015

Elevator Pitch, Stuttgart
1st Prize regional for “immune2day” -> Link

March 2015

Elevator Pitch, Lahr
1st Runner Up Regional for the BioCopy concept AptaSWIFT -> Link

February 2015

Innovation Prize, Freiburg
Innovation Prize for the BioCopy concept “immune2day” -> link 

January 2015

Science4Life, Berlin
Concept Award for the BioCopy concept “AptaSWIFT”

December 2014

Science4Life, Frankfurt
Ideas Award for the BioCopy concept “AptaSWIFT”

November 2014

Startinsland, Freiburg
2nd Runner Up for the BioCopy concept “immune2day” -> link


Ideas competition BaWü, Stuttgart
Development Prize for the realization of a Protein-Copier device


Ideas competition BaWü, Stuttgart
3 x Evaluation Prize for “Protein-Kopierer”, “Gradienten-Stempel” and “Nanodry”