The BioCopy patent portfolio with 12 patents covers the basic technology, devices, copy modes, detection technology and a further 40 applications of biomolecule copying technology.
The key technology of the biomolecule copier was developed at the Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg / Germany by the company founder Dr. Günter Roth. Seven of the patents cover applications and the most important markets until 2032. BioCopy owns the exclusive utilisation rights including a transfer in 2022. Five further patents with a term until 2034 have already been transferred and cover the detection technology.

Title Patent term up to Patent number
Device and method for producing a replicate or derivative from an array of molecules, and applications thereof 2029-03-05 WO2010100265A1
Device and method for the generation of molecular microarrays 2031-02-02 WO2012104399A3
Method for the spatial arrangement of sample fragments for amplification and immobilization for further derivatizations 2031-09-29 WO2013045700A1
Method for identifying aptamers 2031-10-28 WO2013060777A1
Multiplexed digital PCR 2032-01-31 WO2013113889A1
Analysis method on the basis of an array 2032-05-22 WO2013186359A1
Device and method for real-time detection of molecular accumulations and/or monitoring the production process of a molecular microarray 2032-06-13 WO2013174942A1
Analysis of molecular interactions on and/or in thin layer 2029-02-01 WO2009019043
Method for examining physical, chemical and biochemical interactions 2025-10-19 WO2006042746
Recognizable carrier for optical measuring methods 2034-03-15 WO2010127834
Method and device for determining reflection coefficients on filter arragnements comprising thin layers 2033-03-02 WO2010127843
Method and device for determining optical properties by simultaneous measurement of intensities at thin layers using light of several wavelengths 2031-06-18 WO2012103897