The key technology of the biomolecule copier was developed at the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg / Germany by the company founders Dr. Günter Roth and Dr. Jürgen Burger.

The University of Freiburg has a portfolio of seven patent applications with a term extending beyond 2030. In each patent family, patents have already been granted in the most important markets. There are agreements as to how the respective patents will be transferred to BioCopy in the course of the commencement of business. The portfolio covers the basic technology, devices, copy modes, as well as another 40 applications of biomolecule copy technology.

Title Patent term up to Patent number
Device and method for producing a replicate or derivative from an array of molecules, and applications thereof 2029-03-05 WO2010100265A1
Device and method for the generation of molecular microarrays 2031-02-02 WO2012104399A3
Method for the spatial arrangement of sample fragments for amplification and immobilization for further derivatizations 2031-09-29 WO2013045700A1
Method for identifying aptamers 2031-10-28 WO2013060777A1
Multiplexed digital PCR 2032-01-31 WO2013113889A1
Analysis method on the basis of an array 2032-05-22 WO2013186359A1
Device and method for real-time detection of molecular accumulations and/or monitoring the production process of a molecular microarray 2032-06-13 WO2013174942A1
Analysis of molecular interactions on and/or in thin layer 2029-02-01 WO2009019043
Method for examining physical, chemical and biochemical interactions 2025-10-19 WO2006042746
Recognizable carrier for optical measuring methods 2034-03-15 WO2010127834
Method and device for determining reflection coefficients on filter arragnements comprising thin layers 2025-10-19 WO2010127843
Method and device for determining optical properties by simultaneous measurement of intensities at thin layers using light of several wavelengths 2031-06-18 WO2012103897