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At BioCopy, we have developed a new technology that fights diseases and boosts various markets.

Strong reasons to trust in BioCopy:

  • Innovative biomolecule copying technology
  • Effective identification of vaccine precursors within 48 h
  • Portfolio of 12 patents for 40 applications
  • Spin-off from the University of Freiburg
  • Public funding of 3.3 million € (until the end of 2019)
  • Multi award-winning interdisciplinary team

Please contact us for further information and material:

Basic patent & first DNA copy


First protein copy


2 million € funding


Foundation of Swiss Holding

2018 Q2

Start of stock selling

2019 Q1

Set-up of R&D laboratory

2020 Q1

Launch of analytics and biomolecule copying

2020 Q3

POC: Veterinary vaccine developed

2021 Q3

Launch of veterinary vaccine

2022 Q2

POC: Human vaccine developed

2023 Q1

Launch of human vaccine

2024 Q3

BioCopy defines the new gold standard for vaccine precursor identification