Oct 01

Project BISKUIT successfully completed

The BISKUIT project (biosensor for a cost-efficient and rapid determination of immune status), funded by the state of Baden-Württemberg, has been successfully completed by BioCopy. As part of the project, measurements were performed over the last eight months, to determine the immunity against SARS-COV2 and its variants.... read more →
Sep 08

BioCopy CEO Günter Roth in the BIOPRO-Podcast: How immune am I?

In the BIOPRO podcast, BioCopy CEO Dr. Günter Roth talks about BioCopy's innovative test method for determining immunity to infectious diseases. As part of the BISKUIT project, which was funded by the state of Baden-Württemberg, BioCopy has been investigating how to study and display the status of... read more →
Jul 07
Apr 08

Webinar on Thursday, April 15, 4:30 – 5:30 pm, CET: BioCopy presents its innovative COVID-19 mutant mapping platform for developing new vaccines.

BioCopy will showcase in a webinar its biomolecule copier in collaboration with Sino Biological, a global leader in recombinant technology, at the Festival of Biologics USA Congress. Dr. Pascal Brenneisen (former CEO Novartis Switzerland and Advisory Board BioCopy), Dr. Günther Proll (BioCopy Senior Scientist) and Dr. Günter... read more →
Mar 30
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Nov 20
Nov 14

Functions like a photocopier

The St. Galler Tagblatt addresses the corona pandemic and clearly shows where there are still gaps in pandemic control and defence, but also reveals who can help find the right vaccine targets and produce a proper vaccine. BioCopy is at the forefront, so to speak, identifying vaccine precursors... read more →