May 01

First COVID-19 arrays from BioCopy

As predicted by BioCopy in spring 2019, the current development of vaccines is too slow for the spread of a novel virus. COVID-19, respectively its pathogen Sars-Cov2, shows us with the associated lockdown and the significant restrictions of daily life, how quickly, comprehensively and surprisingly a pandemic affects us... read more →
Jan 23

Second successful investor symposium in Zurich

A few weeks after the first occurrence of the previously unknown corona virus (nCoV-2019), BioCopy held its 2nd Investors’ Symposium in Zurich on 23 January 2020. Around 50 interested parties and shareholders gathered in the traditional premises of Villa Escher for this event. Dr. Günter Roth (CEO BioCopy GmbH),... read more →
Jan 15

Acquisition of Biametrics GmbH

In mid-January 2020, BioCopy Holding AG was able to acquire the entire assets and patent portfolio of Biametrics GmbH. We have been working together with Biametrics GmbH for more than 10 years. The Technology has been licensed in the past for BioCopy applications. With the acquisition, BioCopy is thus... read more →